Otis House

Back stairs


A rear stair hall is located just off the kitchen and provided the only access to the third floor. Much narrower and far less grand than the main stair hall at the front of the house, this stair would have been used by servants and the children of the house. But even in this functional service area, there are fine architectural details like turned newel posts, a molded hand rail, and cut out step ends; the walls fitted with a dao of wide boards and a molded cap.

The bold, block-printed wallpaper runs up all three flights and was a large scale design in a repeating drapery and bamboo pattern. Possibly made in Boston by the shop of Moses Grant, Jr. this paper was chosen by second owner John Osborn, a paint merchant who undertook an extensive redecoration of the house in 1816. The paper on the walls today is a reproduction of the original design.